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2017 Statewide Laborshed Study Release

The purpose of the Laborshed analysis is to measure the availability and characteristics of workers within the State of Iowa. The information reported was collected through Iowa Workforce Development’s household Laborshed Survey which is conducted throughout the year.

Laborshed studies aid state and local development officials in their facilitation of industry expansion and recruitment and their service to existing industry in the State. All such entities require detailed data describing the characteristics of the available labor force including (but not limited to): demographics; employment status; likeliness to change or accept new employment; industry of employment; current/desired occupation; current/desired wage rates and benefits; education level; residence/work location; employment requirements/obstacles; underemployment; and the distances individuals are willing to travel for employment.

Visit the Laborshed Studies page to view the full report and executive summary or use the following links to be taken directly to a PDF of each.

2017 State of Iowa Laborshed Analysis: