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Additional LMI Publications

 Business Connection Guide

A business operations resource directory filled with valuable information on starting and running a business. View the Business Connection Guide for further details.

Career, Industry and Population Report

Provides an overview of the state's industry, occupation and population trends in a short, concise format describing growth rate patterns for each. View the Career, Industry and Population Report for further details.

Employers and Professionals On-Line Reference Guide

A resource for planning a business activity or changing existing practices in your organization. View the Employers & Professionals On-Line Reference Guide for further details.

ETA Report

Employment and Training Administration Workforce Information Grant Annual Performance Report. The  ETA REPORT summarizes activities supported by the grant. 


Analysis of differences in wages paid to males and females by various demographics including occupational category and industry of employment. Also examined by educational attainment and level of work experience. View the Iowa Gender Wage Equity Study for further details. 

Iowa's Workforce and the Economy

Provides an overview of Iowa's economy and shows trends in labor force and nonfarm employment. View the latest edition of Iowa's Workforce and Economy for further details.

Middle-Skill Jobs in Iowa

Provides information on the mismatch of job opportunities and worker skill sets in Iowa. View the latest edition of Middle-Skill Jobs in Iowa for further details.


Registered Apprenticeship (RA) programs are valuable models to recruit and develop well-trained workers in highly-skilled occupations. Visit the RA page for more information and/or view the latest edition of Iowa's Registered Apprenticeship Programs Report 2020 for further details.

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