Burlington - Iowa Workforce Development Offers Many Services for Veterans


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Iowa Workforce Development Offers Many Services for Veterans

Burlington, Iowa – From job search assistance to information about employment and training programs, Iowa Workforce Development offers many services for veterans.

“We are pleased to serve the Iowa veterans who gave of themselves to preserve the freedoms we enjoy today,” said Elisabeth Buck, Director of Iowa Workforce Development.

Eligible veterans can receive assistance for a productive job search or gain access to job listings through IWD’s electronic data base. They can also receive assistance with job interviewing and résumé writing skills.

Veteran Representatives through Iowa Workforce Development monitor job listings from federal agencies and federal contractors to ensure that veterans get priority service in referral to these jobs, and work closely with clients of V.A. Vocational Rehabilitation.

Veteran Representative Rick Gay worked with Lee County veteran George to help him find employment. An older veteran, George lacked a high school diploma, basic computer skills, a valid driver’s license and had several physical impairments due to his service in the military.

Gay enrolled George in some job readiness training that included resume preparation, interviewing skills and job searching. Gay then referred George to the Workforce Investment Act program for services. He was able to enter the Emergency Jobs Program where he worked to clean up from the floods. While this was meeting his short-term needs, George would still need something permanently.

After hearing about an open position at a local company, Gay called the Human Resources director and asked him to consider George the open equipment operator position. Gay even suggested that this HR director to take a look at George in action at the flood clean-up site. The HR director was impressed by George’s professional competence and asked to interview him the next day. After some preparation, George interviewed and was offered the position.

Today, George has been offered the opportunity to take on some additional responsibilities in a more supervisory role. George is working with Gay and Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation to obtain the additional computer training to strengthen the skills he will need for this new and exciting role.

This is just one example of the personalized service Iowa veterans receive from Iowa Workforce Development. For more information, contact the Burlington center at (319) 753-167.