Questions on Iowa's New Minimum Wage? - Iowa Workforce Development Has Answers


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Kerry Koonce - Telephone: (515) 281-9646
Stephan Hampton - Telephone: (515) 281-5337

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DES MOINES – Iowa’s minimum wage increased for the first time in ten years on Sunday from $5.15/hr to $6.20/hr. An additional increase will happen on January 1, 2008, bringing Iowa’s minimum wage to $7.25/hr.

Some commonly asked questions are:


• Who must comply with the new law?
• What’s an initial employment wage?
• What do I do if I’m not being paid correctly?

These answers are available on Iowa Workforce Development’s web site at Additionally, a new minimum wage poster to comply with the required postings law is available for download.

“Anytime there is a change in employment related laws, a number of questions arise from both employers and employees,” indicated Iowa Workforce Development interim director, Dave Neil. “In order to answer most of these commonly asked questions, Iowa Workforce Development posted updated information to their web site in early March.”

Employers and employees with further questions on the new minimum wage law or other Iowa wage laws may contact Stephan Hampton at (515) 281-5337 or via e-mail at