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Title File Name
2018.06.20 State ECI Board Minutes 2018.06.20 State ECI Board Minutes.pdf
2019 Annual Profile of Iowa's Unemployed Persons UnemploymentProfile_2019.pdf
2019.10.04 State ECI Board Meeting Agenda ECI State Board Meeting Agenda 10-04-2019.pdf
501(c)3 Election or Change of Status 68-0463 68-0463 Election to become Reimbursable.pdf
70-5032 VSW Employee Data Collection 70-5032 VSW Employee Data Collection Form.pdf
70-5033 VSW Employer Application 70-5033 VSW Employer Application.pdf
Active Shooter Training 20170404 20170404 ECI Active Shooter Training Dubuque .pdf
Agent Information Fact Sheet Agent Information Fact Sheet.pdf
Application for ACH Credit Transfer 53-0110 53-0110 Application For ACH Credit Transfer.pdf
Apprenticeships Closing the Skills Gap_20161115 Apprenticeships Closing the Skills Gap_20161115.pdf
Child Labor Laws 101_20160421 Child Labor Laws 101_20160421.pdf
Child Labor Laws, Iowa Wage and Hour & Workers' Compensation 20170413 20170413 Child Labor, Wage & Hour, Work Comp Denison.pdf
Declaration of Power of Attorney or Authorized Representative 68-0092 68-0092 Declaration Of Power Of Attorney.pdf
Diversity in the Workplace_20180222 Diversity in the Workplace_20180222.pdf
ECI Local Coordinators and Chairs_20180109 ECI Local Coordinators and Chairs_20180109.pdf
Efiling Service Efiling Service.pdf
Employee Fair Labor Standards Act minwage (1).pdf
Employee Productivity Active Release Techniques_20170411 Employee Productivity Active Release Techniques_20170411.pdf
Employer's Application for Termination of Coverage 68-0294 68-0294 Application for Termination of Coverage.pdf
Employer's Election to Cover Multi-State Workers Under the Iowa Employment Security Law 68-0599 68-0599 Employers Election To Cover Multi State Workers.pdf
Employer's Notice of Change 60-0111 60-0111 Employer's Notice of Change.pdf
Employer's Wage Adjustment Report 68-0061 68-0061 Employers Wage Adjustment Report.pdf
Employers' Council of Iowa ByLaws_20170727 Employers' Council of Iowa ByLaws_20170727.pdf
Equal Opportunity Is the Law English Version 70-8055 Equal Employment Opportunity English 2017-07.pdf
Equal Opportunity Is the Law Spanish Version 70-8054 Equal Employment Opportunity Spanish 2017-07.pdf