Iowa Workforce Development's Student/Youth Web Site Is Revised


For Immediate Release
Contact: Steve Arzberger (563) 445-3243

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Iowa Workforce Development’s Student/Youth Web Site Is Revised

Iowa Workforce Development’s “Information for Students” website faces revision on a continual basis, due to the wealth of information the site now contains. This information includes:


• Job Fair, Seminar, and Summit Information for youth-related events throughout Iowa.
• Safety and Health Information for Teen Workers.
• Summer Job Listings.
• Apprenticeship Jobs and Programs.
• School-to-Career Videos.
• Youth Job Rights.
• Scholarship Help and Advice Center.
• Scholarship Web Resources.
• Pocket Résumé (A printable résumé form that folds to fit in a purse, pocket, or billfold to provide easy access to information needed to apply for employment).
• Work Permits (The who, what, when, where, and whys).
• Hiring Iowa Teens (A guide for employers about hiring teenagers and the Iowa Child Labor Laws).
• And much, much more!


To access this info, go to and click on the “Students and Youth” link or, for summer job listings, click on the “Job Seekers” link!