Creston - Southern Hills ECI: Where Are All the Skilled Workers


For Immediate Release: July 23, 2012
Contact: Elizabeth Waigand
Telephone: (641) 782-2119 x 41

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Southern Hills ECI: “Where Are All the Skilled Workers”

Southern Hills ECI: “Where Are All the Skilled Workers”

CRESTON, IOWA –The Southern Hills Employers’ Council of Iowa will be holding a conference on Tuesday, August 28, 2012. This conference will feature 14 speakers that will provide information to local business and educators regarding resources and ideas to build a skilled workforce.

Where Are All the Skilled Workers?
Tuesday, August 28, 2012 9:00 am to 3:30 pm (sign in at 8:30 am)
Supertel, 800 Laurel St, Creston, IA 50801

Program topics will include:

- IowaWORKS – Assisting employers with business service needs.
- Southwestern Community College – Learn about graduates seeking employment.
- Graduating Senior – Learn about the characteristics of high school students entering the workforce.
- National Career Readiness Certificate – Certifying work skills to help find the right person.
- STEM – Science, technology, engineering and math.
- Skilled Iowa – 8 week unpaid internships offered to business.
- Apprenticeship Program – Meeting the needs of American industry through apprenticeships.

- Employer Supported Training – Creating internal training programs to ‘grow your own’ workers.
- Staffing Agencies – How can local staffing agencies meet my labor needs?
- Economic Development – Array of job training programs to provide tax-aided training for employees.
- Workforce Readiness – Create an alliance and establish ongoing relationships.

Featured topics will include the state’s STEM Initiative and the Skilled Iowa Initiative. These initiatives are intended to increase the skill level of job seekers and provide businesses with qualified workers. Southwestern Community College is a regional STEM Hub. The overall purpose of the STEM Hub is to bring STEM stakeholders together (business, industry, educators, parents and students) in a mutually beneficial way for the region and the state to support STEM education and careers in STEM fields. Skilled Iowa offers unpaid internships to employers for an eight week period while the potential employee learns company specific skills and the employer has an opportunity to evaluate their performance.

The Southern Hills Employers’ Council of Iowa is a local employer group supported by Iowa Workforce Development and is part of the statewide Employers’ Council of Iowa system. All employers are welcome to attend ECI events. This employer’s group addresses workforce issues and provides both educational and networking opportunities for employers and human resource professionals. Contact Elizabeth Waigand at (641) 782-2119 x 41 if you have questions about this session or about the Southern Hills Iowa Employers’ Council, IowaWORKS Southern Hills.