Iowa Workforce Development Statement On Recent Events


For Immediate Release

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From Dave Neil, Interim Director

DES MOINES - We want the people of Iowa to know the recent actions involving IWD are taken seriously. The Governor and I are committed to upholding truth and honesty in the practices of this department and state government at large. This is why we have communicated to all staff the importance of not shredding or destroying documentation. It is important to cooperate and support all layers of the investigation as it progresses. We intend to hold all those accountable for any inappropriate conduct in connection with this investigation.

It is my understanding from my brief discussion with the employee disposing of IWD documents, she acted alone in this operation. Regardless of her intentions, this is not how we do business at IWD or in state government, and therefore, she has been placed on investigative leave. Furthermore, any additional employees caught engaging in the destruction or removal of documentation will also be placed on investigative leave.

At this time, we have placed on investigative leave two additional IWD individuals involved in the Central Iowa Employment Training Consortium (CIETC) funding and programs. Those individuals are Erv Fett, Division Administrator for Administrative Services, and Tony Dietsch, Division Administrator for Workforce Center Administration. We are determining their level of involvement with the recent (CIETC) allegations.

We have secured all computers relevant to the on-going investigation. Furthermore, we’ve taken additional steps to secure all files within IWD to ensure that IWD’s Division of Administrative Services and I can conduct a complete, internal investigation.

The State’s Chief Accountant is providing immediate assistance to ensure all financial systems and transactions within IWD are secured and proper. IWD is cooperating fully with Mollie Anderson at the Iowa Department of Administrative Services and the Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI).

While the Department of Labor (DOL) is not on site today, we are expecting their arrival tomorrow. We are prepared to offer our full cooperation and assistance during their investigation.

It has been a difficult week for our department and a challenging time for our employees. I have spoken with, and will continue to speak to IWD staff to ensure that our most important concern is serving the needs of our clients in the workforce system. IWD provides needed and valuable services to virtually every Iowan. Our staff works diligently to provide these valuable services and will continue to serve at their professional best.

We will take seriously all credible accusations brought to our attention regarding potential abuse of IWD funding mechanisms. IWD staff needs to know that we have an open door policy and invite their comments.

My job, our job, is to stay on task and continue to serve our constituents. At this point, my primary goals are continued oversight of IWD funding mechanisms, making sure that Iowans needs continue to be served, and finally transparency and full cooperation with the investigation at all levels.