"Iowa's Workforce Recognized, Monument Dedicated"


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Iowa’s Workforce Recognized, Monument Dedicated

DES MOINES – Iowa’s workforce received an everlasting tribute and recognition today with the dedication and placement of the Iowa Workers Monument on the capitol complex.

Iowa’s work ethic is recognized around the country for its strength. Iowa workers believe in the importance of honest work and are committed to excellence. The work ethic and workforce are one of the state’s greatest assets, yet we do little to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of Iowans on an ongoing basis.

“It’s important that Iowa takes this opportunity to recognize the importance of Iowa’s workforce and show our appreciation for everything that has been accomplished by Iowans for Iowa,” indicated Iowa Labor Commissioner David Neil.

The Monument Committee raised over $500,000 for the design, construction, landscaping and upkeep of the monument. The perpetual maintenance fund will ensure that all generations of Iowans are able to appreciate the monument.

“The State of Iowa stepped out in full-force to ensure a world-class monument would be constructed,” indicated Iowa Workforce Development Director, Elisabeth Buck. “The dedicated efforts of the monument committee, the artist advisory panel and the wonderful donors are to be commended.”

The monument is a striking eleven foot tall by eleven foot wide balanced square, which is developed of expertly crafted, interlocking arms and hands. This powerful image is brings about the imagery of Iowa’s strong workforce of the past, the present and the future. Each arm supports the other, in the same way a diverse blend of people, from many backgrounds, come together to work and create the cultural and business base of Iowa.