"New Iowan Center Partners with Marshalltown Library, Presents "A Vision of Ourselves: The Native American Legacy""


For Immediate Release: May 6, 2009
Stephanie Snow: (641) 844-6993
Kerry Koonce: (515) 281-9646

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New Iowan Center Partners with Marshalltown Library,
Presents “A Vision of Ourselves: The Native American Legacy”

MARSHALLTOWN - The New Iowan Center invites the public to a night of cultural exploration. Native American presenters will share their personal stories, as well as, history, current events, economic realities, population data and other topics related to Native Americans and their cultural legacy. This event will be held at the Marshalltown Public Library on May 13, 2009 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, everyone is welcome.

The speakers will offer the public an opportunity to expand their knowledge, inspired by the recent PBS series that addressed Native American history and contemporary topics from the Native American perspective. As a commitment to the cultural wellbeing of our community and an interest in lifelong learning, the event will be held at the local library where further materials and media are available.

Mr. Eugene Fracek is an enrolled member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe in South Dakota. He served 10 years as Director of Indian Education in the South Dakota Department of Education before moving to Des Moines, Iowa in 1990. He is currently the principal of Studebaker Elementary in Des Moines and is also an adjunct instructor for the Division of Evening Weekend and Graduate Programs at Simpson College in Indianola. He is a storyteller and singer.

Ms. Stephanie Snow was raised on the Meskwaki Settlement, is an enrolled member of the Ho Chunk Nation of Wisconsin and is also part Meskwaki and Lakota Sioux. Stephanie served as president of the Native American Students’ Association at Grinnell College where she earned her degree in Anthropology. As a member of a local Native American song, storytelling and dance troupe she’s had the opportunity to work with acclaimed Native American artists, performers and actors. She is currently the coordinator for the New Iowan Center in Marshalltown, a division of Iowa Workforce Development.

For additional information, you may contact Stephanie Snow or Juana Alcantar at the New Iowan Center office located at 3405 South Center Street, Marshalltown, Iowa; or at (641) 844-6993 / (641) 844-6997.

To watch the already-aired episodes of PBS’s “We Shall Remain,” visit www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/weshallremain/. For more information about IWD’s New Iowan Center, visit www.iowaworkforce.org/centers/newiowan/.