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Iowa Workforce Development Heightens Partnership with DMACC 2006-09-01
Registered Apprenticeship Programs Seminar 2006-08-28
Iowa Workforce Development Assistance Available to Job Seekers 2006-08-23
Unemployment Appeal Hearings: Prepare Your Case to Win! 2006-08-02
Injuries Investigated At Adventureland 2006-07-27
New Iowans Invited To Community Meeting 2006-07-21
Construction Contractor Registration Law Changed 2006-07-18
Tri-State Peer-to-Peer Youth Forum to Be Held 2006-07-11
Recruiting Area Employers for New Look at Job Fair 2006 2006-06-26
Iowa Workforce Development Streamlines Unit to Save Cost 2006-06-23
Iowa Workforce Development's Unemployment Insurance Claim System Enhanced 2006-06-12
Veterans' Benefits Fair 2006-06-12
Iowans' Jobless And Injury Benefits Increase 2006-05-31
Corning Workforce Development Office Slated to Close 2006-05-19
Chariton Workforce Development Office Slated to Close 2006-05-19
"Monticello, Vinton Workforce Development Offices Slated to Close" 2006-05-18
"Jefferson, Guthrie Center Workforce Development Offices Slated to Close" 2006-05-18
Knoxville Workforce Development Office Slated to Close 2006-05-18
Press Conference 2006-05-17
Forest City Iowa Workforce Development Office Slated to Close 2006-05-17
"Grinnell, Independence Workforce Development Offices Slated to Close" 2006-05-17
Prosperity Eastern Iowa Announces Results of Regional Economic Development Analysis 2006-05-16
Iowa Workforce and Partners Prepare Inmates for Their Employment Future 2006-05-15
Tri-State Employment Workshop Makes History! 2006-05-01
Hiring Iowa Teens: Federal & State Child Labor Laws 2006-04-24
Wage Garnishment Laws: Employers Need to Know 2006-04-19
Health Savings Account Information Available 2006-04-19
Northwest Iowa Regional Job Fairs Scheduled 2006-04-17
Waterloo Civil Rights and Workplace Harassment Seminar 2006-04-17
Workshop For Tri-State Businesses! 2006-04-07
Northwest Iowa Regional Job Fairs Scheduled 2006-03-31
Construction Contractor Registration: It's The Law 2006-03-27
Unique Recruitment Resource for Iowa Employers 2006-03-09
Wage Garnishment Laws: What Employers Need to Know 2006-02-28
Businesses Invest In Workers Health 2006-02-14
Northeast Iowa Regional Job Fair Scheduled 2006-01-30
Jobless Benefits Lower in 2005 2006-01-27
Health Savings Account Information Available 2006-01-23
Region 13 Workforce Partners Employ New "Deaf" Navigator 2006-01-10
Story Construction Places Safety First 2005-12-16
VISTA Workers will Enhance Iowa's Response to Hurricane Survivors 2005-12-14
Workers' Compensation Commissioner Mike Trier Announces Retirement 2005-12-13
Veterans Day Message From Iowa Workforce Development 2005-11-09
Iowa Receives Over $3 Million in Improvement Grants While Unemployment Insurance Turns 70 2005-10-21
Civility & Ethics in the Workplace Seminar "The Power of Dignity and Respect" 2005-10-14
Des Moines Veterans Job Fair Planned 2005-10-11
Employer Seminar on "Coaching with Backbone not Bite" 2005-10-06
Preventing Potential Liability for Employers 2005-09-06
Promoting a Culture of Safety in Iowa 2005-09-05
Unemployment Tax Rate Unchanged For 2006 2005-09-02
Job Fair To Be Held in Dubuque 2005-08-12
Disability Navigator Program 2005-08-01
Diversity in the Workplace Workshop 2005-07-14
IWD To Take State Fair Job Applications 2005-07-08
Iowans' Jobless and Injury Benefits Increase 2005-06-06
Customer Service Workshop to be Offered 2005-06-01
Presentation by the U.S. Department of Labor 2005-05-18
April Benefits Seasonally Lower 2005-05-11
Change in Procedures for Release of Local Labor Force Data 2005-05-10
Cedar Rapids Area Employers' Council of Iowa To Offer Seminar 2005-05-04
Iowa Workforce Development Receives Award for Service to Veterans 2005-05-04
Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Workshop Offered 2005-05-02
Worker's Memorial Day Ceremony Honors Iowans Killed in the Workplace 2005-04-20
March Benefits Slightly Higher 2005-04-14
Cedar Rapids New Iowan Center Hosts Open House 2005-04-11
Answers To Employer's Questions On Iowa's Unemployment Laws In Cherokee 2005-03-30
Employers Register For 2005 Job Expo! 2005-03-24
Region 13 Workforce Partners Employ New "Deaf" Navigator 2005-03-21
Successful Interviewing Guide Is Available 2005-03-18
New Required Veterans Poster 2005-03-18
February Jobless Claims Inch Lower 2005-03-10
Regional Job Fair to Be Held on April 2 2005-03-01
Improved Methods to be Used for Labor Force Estimates 2005-02-24
January Jobless Claims Seasonally Higher 2005-02-16
Sioux Center Employee Handbook And Job Descriptions Seminar 2005-02-07
Employee Handbook And Job Descriptions Seminar In Spencer 2005-02-07
ECI Hosts Seminar On Drugs In The Workplace 2005-02-03
Learn How To Draft Employee Handbooks And Job Descriptions 2005-02-03
Audubon Iowa Workforce Development Office Closed 2005-01-19
Unemployment Insurance Benefits Total $317.6 Million in 2004 2005-01-12
November Jobless Claims Inches Higher 2004-12-08
October Jobless Claims Lower 2004-11-09
September Jobless Benefit Payments Increase 2004-10-13
Jobless Benefit Payments Down in August 2004-09-10
Jobless Benefit Payments Down In July 2004-08-12
Jobless Benefit Payments Up In June 2004-07-07
May Jobless Payment Benefits Down 2004-06-09
Jobless Benefit Payments Up In March 2004-04-08
January Jobless Benefit Payments Increase 2004-02-11
Iowa Unemployment Rate Drops to 3.8 Percent