Veterans Day Message From Iowa Workforce Development


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Contact: Kerry Koonce
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DES MOINES, IA - As we celebrate Veteran’s Day, we are afforded a great opportunity to reflect on the commitments and sacrifices made by men and women each day in support of our state and nation. One of the greatest, and most daunting challenges accepted, is that of service to our country in the United States Military and National Guard. These men and women dedicate their lives to protecting this nation, and for these individuals, this is not a job, but a privilege and an honor.

This is an issue that touches home for me, as my son recently returned from his tour of duty. As our sons and daughters; mothers and fathers; and brothers and sisters return home, it’s important that we recognize the services given and the sacrifices made to ensure the safety of all. As Director of Iowa Workforce Development, I was honored to join Governor Tom Vilsack; Tom Gillespie, President, Iowa State Building & Construction Trades Council; Major General Ron Dardis, Adjunct General, Iowa National Guard; and Major General Matthew Caulfield, Executive Director, Helmets to Hardhats, in signing the statewide proclamation in support of the national Helmets to Hardhats program. This unique endeavor allows individuals returning from service or exiting the military to receive “direct entry” into a building and construction trades field. Valuable skills are developed through military service, and the state of Iowa has recognized this by leading the nation as one of the first ten states to adopt a proclamation supporting the Helmets to Hardhats program.

Military veterans are additionally served throughout Iowa by veteran employment representatives and disabled veteran outreach representatives through Iowa’s Workforce Centers. These dedicated individuals assist clients with counseling and testing services; identifying training and employment opportunities; and in understanding the programs available at the state and federal level. In addition, Iowa Workforce Development’s veteran services team members conduct extensive outreach services to the community. Businesses receive information on hiring military veterans, organizations receive information on support opportunities, and veterans are provided with the necessary information to complete their employment connections.

Let us all take the time this holiday to celebrate Iowans and the work ethic that is evident throughout all of us, from those serving Iowa in the military and adding to Iowa’s wealth at home. My personal thank you for making Iowa a great place.

Richard V. Running
Director, Iowa Workforce Development

Iowa Workforce Development serves the workforce needs of Iowans and businesses through a statewide network of local service centers and at For more information on IWD’s veteran services, contact your local workforce center.