Unemployment Insurance & IowaWORKS Reemployment Activities Requirements

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Effective Sunday, January 16, 2022, to maintain eligibility for unemployment insurance (UI) benefits, you must: 

  1. register in IowaWORKS;  
  2. complete at least four valid reemployment activities per week, three of which must be job applications; 
  3. record and certify reemployment activities in the Job Contact and Reemployment Activity Log - see detailed instructions below; and,
  4. file your weekly application for unemployment benefits. 

Important: You must continue to file a UI claim certification each week to request benefit payments. Submitting and certifying 4 valid reemployment activities each week in the Job Contact and Reemployment Activity Log does not replace the requirement to file your weekly claim certification. 

For detailed instructions about using the Job Contact and Reemployment Activity Log (formerly known as the Work Search Log), see the online video tutorial. If you need further assistance registering in IowaWORKS or entering activities in the log, contact your nearest IowaWORKS Center.  Additional information about Iowa’s Work Search requirements is available in Continued Eligibility and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).  Information about Iowa’s Reemployment Case Management Program can be found in Reemployment Case Management FAQs

Register in IowaWORKS

IowaWORKS is a powerful online job and career services system which offers the public a host of employment tools, including job listings, resumé assistance, virtual recruiter, labor market information, apprenticeships, training and educational programs, skills assessments, a virtual recruiter, and much more. 

  • Under Iowa law, you are required to register for work. You must register in IowaWORKS and maintain an active and searchable resume to be considered registered for work. If you have not done so already, we recommend that you register in IowaWORKS using your social security number this week to avoid any delays in payment. 
  • Go to the IowaWORKS sign in web page. Go to “Create a User Account,” under Option 2, select “Individual,” and follow the prompts. Once you have created an account, answer all mandatory questions (indicated with a red asterisk *).

Note: If a partial user account has already been created for you in the IOWAWORKS based on your initial application for UI benefits, you will see a red message that reads “We have identified an existing account in the system that matches your Social Security number. If you believe you made a data entry error please re-enter your correct Social Security number. Otherwise, please click here to retrieve your existing credentials and sign-in.” You should follow the link to retrieve your existing credentials (User Name, Password, or both) and complete your registration.

Complete at Least 4 Valid Reemployment Activities Per Week, 3 of which MUST be Job Applications 

  • There are 12 qualifying reemployment activities that can be used to satisfy the requirement to actively search for work. See the full list of Iowa's valid reemployment activities.
  • If selected, you must complete the Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment (RESEA) workshop and work with your Reemployment Case Management (RCM) case manager. During the RESEA appointment, you will work with a case manager to develop an individual reemployment plan. Completion of the RESEA workshop and/or meeting with your RCM case manager can be counted as one valid reemployment activity, but only for the week in which the activity is completed. 

Record and Certify Reemployment Activities in the Job Contact and Reemployment Activity Log 

To maintain your eligibility for UI benefits, you must enter at least four valid reemployment activities, three of which must be job applications, in the Job Contact and Reemployment Activity Log in IowaWORKS. To access the log: 

  • Log in to IowaWORKS using your username and password. 
  • After you log in, you will be in your dashboard. Scroll down to the Unemployment Services section and Select “Job Contact and Reemployment Activity Log.” 

  • After selecting the Job Contact and Reemployment Activity Log link, you will have the option to: Enter or Review Your Job Contacts; or Enter or Review Your Reemployment Activities (see the picture below). 
  • You must enter any job contacts that you completed outside of IowaWORKS in the Job Contact and Reemployment Activity Log. To add a job contact, select the green “Enter or Review Your Reemployment Activities” button (see the picture below). 

NOTE: All job contacts and reemployment activities that you complete in IowaWORKS for a given claim certification week will automatically display in the log. If a completed job contact or reemployment activity is acceptable, a green check mark (✔) will display in the same row. The log will maintain a permanent record (which you can download) of your job contacts and valid reemployment activities.

To Enter Job Applications and Reemployment Activities: 

  • On the next screen, select “Enter a Job Contact” (see the picture below).


  • You will be asked to provide information about the job contact, including: the employer; the employer’s address of record; the means of contact (email, IowaWORKS website, another website, fax, etc.); the name and title of the person you contacted, as well as an email address or phone number for the person you contacted; the job title for the position you are interested in; occupation; and your level of interest in the position, among other details. Fill in all required fields (indicated with a red asterisk *) and select “Save”. 


  • If your job contact was saved properly, it will be displayed in the log (see the picture below). To add more job contacts, select “Enter a Job Contact” and repeat the process. 


  • In the log, select the “Reemployment Activities” tab (see the picture below). 
  • Select “Enter a Reemployment Activity” (see the picture below). 

  • You will be brought to the screen shown below where you can enter the details of your reemployment activity. 


  • You will choose an activity from the Activity Type dropdown menu (see the picture below). You will be asked to enter information about the activity, including an activity description, the date the activity was completed, and the name and title of a contact for the event. You may need to upload documentation to substantiate the activity. Enter all required information, select “Choose File” to upload any supporting documentation that proves that you completed the activity, and then select “Save.” 

  • After you save your valid reemployment activity, it will display in the log (see the picture below). To enter another reemployment activity select “Enter a Reemployment Activity” and repeat the process. 


Certification and Self-Attestation: 

  • You will certify your activities in the log by going to your dashboard, scrolling down to Unemployment Services, and selecting “Certify Your Job Contacts and Reemployment Activities” (see the picture below). 

  • Select “Certify Your Reemployment Activities.” Any weeks that are available to be certified will be displayed.