"Elevator Safety Board Recommends New Rules, Construction Industry Also Sees Change"


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Elevator Safety Board Recommends New Rules, Supports Wind Energy Industry, Construction Industry Also Sees Change

DES MOINES - The Elevator Safety Board proposed rules temporarily exempting lifts in wind towers from the standard provisions for elevator inspections, fees and requirements and establishing inspection fees, permit fees, and safety requirements specific to wind tower lifts.

“The lifts necessary in wind towers serve a different purpose than standard elevators”, indicated Iowa Labor Commissioner Dave Neil. “By developing regulations that fit this unique need, the Elevator Safety Board has recognized that new regulations are needed to ensure the safety of employees in Iowa’s wind towers, while allowing for efficient business operations.”

The new wind tower lift rules went into effect on May 28th, and public comment will be accepted through July 9th.

Construction personnel hoists (CPH's) have been subject to regulation by the Iowa Division of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Bureau. Effective July 1, 2008, CPH's will also be under the authority of the Iowa Division of Labor's elevator safety program. This change is a result of legislation during the 2008 legislative session.

CPH's are installed to move people on construction sites and they are removed at the end of the construction project. CPH's are primarily used on larger construction projects and should not be confused with the temporary use of a permanent elevator for construction purposes. CPH's may be used on construction sites for moving materials, equipment and supplies in addition to people.