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Fraud Alerts

Fraud Alerts 

Watch out for fraudulent websites, phishing attempts, or scams posing as the unemployment insurance office and report them as soon as possible. Please see the alerts issued nationwide about fraudulent attempts to gain claimant information.

Recent Alerts

Fraudulent scheme targeting claimants with overpayments

Please note that an active fraud scheme identified by the IRS is currently targeting some Iowa claimants via mail in an attempt to collect overpaid unemployment benefits. While some information on the letter you received may be correct, the letter may not have come from IWD. All claimants receiving overpayment letters are urged to contact IWD first in order to confirm the information is correct.

IWD’s Benefits Collection Number is 800-914-6808. For more information, please call that number – not the number provided in your letter (if it is different). You also may report suspected fraud to or on this webpage.

Please click here to view an example of a letter that is known to be fraudulent. 

Justice Department issues warning about fake unemployment benefit websites

Justice Department Warns About Fake Unemployment Benefit Websites - March 4, 2021: The Department of Justice has received reports that fraudsters are creating websites mimicking unemployment benefit websites, including state workforce agency (SWA) websites, for the purpose of unlawfully capturing consumers’ personal information. 

  • Fraudulent social media pages mimicking state workforce pages -  The National Unemployment Insurance Fraud Task Force (NUIFTF) also reports that state workforce social media pages are being created to execute numerous phishing attempts from social media users. 

Iowa Workforce Development WILL NOT send claimants a text message 

As a reminder, IWD WILL NOT send customers a text message. If you receive a text from someone claiming to be IWD, do NOT click on the link. Clicking the link could give fraudsters access to information on your phone which could then allow them to take over your UI account. ​In the event that your account is compromised, and a fraudster intercepts any payments, you could cause extreme delays to your unemployment insurance funds. 

If you receive a text, please immediately report it to IWD using a contact method below. 


Or visit the webpage: If you believe you have been a victim of fraud or ID theft

Report fraudulent websites, phishing attempts, callers impersonating the unemployment insurance department, etc. here:

The following links are resources for filing a complaint online:

Report all other UI Fraud 

Report Claimant Fraud

Report Employer Fraud

Report Refusal to Interview 

Report Job Refusal


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