Local Area Unemployment Statistics

The unemployment rate and labor force data on this page comes from the Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS) program which is a Federal-State cooperative effort in which monthly and annual estimates of total labor force, employment and unemployment are prepared. These estimates are key indicators of local economic conditions.

The Labor Market Information (LMI) Division at Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) provides these estimates for the State of Iowa, its counties, metropolitan statistical areas (MSA) and various regions across the State.

Note: For optimal experience we recommend using the Chrome browser. For assistance in navigating the Tableau visualization below, visit the Tableau Guide.

LAUS Data Tool

Current data can be viewed and explored in the Tableau visualization below. Navigate the various visualizations by using the three tabs at the top of the frame. To customize the view select the measure, geography and timeframe from the filters at the left of the map. As these are adjusted the map and chart will update accordingly. Custom regions can be created by selecting the desired counties in the map while holding down the Control/Command key. The data is also available in a CSV file at the bottom of this page.

If you need help determining which area you want to research click here for area definitions.

Tableau Key

Tableau Key

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