Promise Jobs Orientation Packet

Promise Jobs Family

Welcome to the PROMISE JOBS Program.

The following documents will help you become acquainted with our program.

You can download or print these documents at home or receive copies at your local IowaWORKS Office.

Program Overview

Promise jobs orientation

A slideshow which explains how PROMISE JOBS works. It is recommended that you review this document first.

PROMISE JOBS Orientation Slideshow

PROMISE JOBs Participant Guide 70-0010 (IWD)

A handbook outlining the PROMISE JOBS program including and overview of participant benefits and responsibilities.

PROMISE JOBS Participant Guide

PROMISE JOBS Participant Guide (Spanish)

Understanding Your Limited Benefit Plan

The Family Investment Agreement is your plan to help you and your family become self-supporting. Please read this document carefully.

Understanding Your Limited Benefit Plan

Your Family Investment Act Rights and Responsibilities

Your signature is required This document outlines what you must do in order to remain eligible for PROMISE JOBS assistance. This document must be signed and returned to your local office or submitted.

Your Rights and Responsibilities

Your Rights and Responsibilities (Spanish)

Family Self-Sufficiency Grant Program

Family Self-Sufficiency Grant (FSSG) Flyer

A single page flyer outlining the PROMISE JOBS family self-sufficiency grant program. Up to $1000 is available to qualified PROMISE JOBS participants.

FSSG Informational Flyer

FSSG Informational Flyer (Spanish)

Family Self-Sufficiency (FSSG) Application

FSSG program services are intended to provide immediate and short-term assistance to PROMISE JOBS participants by addressing barriers related to retaining employment or obtaining employment within two calendar months of program payment authorization. This is a voluntary program and all other sources for assistance should be exhausted prior to application.

Family Self-Sufficiency Grant (FSSG) Application

Family Self-Sufficiency Grant (FSSG) Application (Spanish)

Family Self-Sufficiency (FSSG) Checklist

This checklist outlines what documents are required in order to receive family self-sufficiency program assistance. All necessary documents must be submitted with your application. Failure to include required documents could lead to your application being denied. Please review this checklist carefully before submitting your application.

Family Self-Sufficiency (FSSG) Checklist

Family Development and Self Sufficiency

Family Development and Self Sufficiency Brochure

A brief overview of the FaDSS program, focused on family success.

Family Development and Self Sufficiency Brochure


The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is a federal tax credit available to employers who hire individuals from eligible target groups with a significant barrier to employment.

70-0041 WOTC Postcard
70-0041 WOTC Postcard (Spanish)

Encrypted Email

Encrypted Email Instructions Brochure

Contact Information

For general questions about PROMISE JOBS please connect with us Iowa Workforce Development Customer Service which can be reached at 1-866-239-0843, your call will be routed to your local IowaWORKS office.  You can also send an email to

Additional Contact Information