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Iowa Workforce Development Streamlines Unit to Save Cost


For Immediate Release
Contact: Kerry Koonce - Telephone: (515) 281-9646

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DES MOINES, IA – Iowa Workforce Development announced an operational streamlining on Thursday to reduce costs, eliminate duplication and improve efficiencies within the human resources unit.

“As with all state agencies, Iowa Workforce Development financially supports the human resources services provided by the Department of Administrative Services”, indicated Interim Director Dave Neil, “Additionally, IWD has maintained a separate HR unit which has created a duplication of services.” By Removing the duplicate services from IWD, a significant financial savings will be received, close to $200,000.

The reduction of IWD’s internal HR operations flattens the personnel process, in turn, providing faster services. The cost savings related to internal operations allows Iowa Workforce Development to dedicate additional resources to serving the customers.