Importance Notice for Temporary Layoff Individuals

Importance Notice for Temporary Layoff Individuals: New Changes to Unemployment System

Iowans filing unemployment claims as a temporary layoff should note new changes to the unemployment system that have taken effect this year, including changes to Iowa’s work search requirements and the maximum number of benefit weeks.

  • RCM Program: On January 9, 2022, Iowa implemented the Reemployment Case Management (RCM) program as part of an effort to provide enhanced assistance and balance various needs in Iowa’s workforce. Program participation and new work search requirements apply to most claimants, including those filing as temporary layoffs. However, temporary layoff claimants will not be contacted about the program until their fifth week of receiving unemployment.  Workers from a very limited number of occupations will be exempted from work search and RCM requirements, but this program will apply to most claimants. For more information, visit this FAQ on the RCM program.
  • Maximum Benefit Weeks: As of July 3, 2022, new legislation modified the maximum benefit weeks that claimants are eligible for from 26 weeks to 16 weeks. This limitation does not include a distinction for those on temporary layoff. However, the legislation did include new percentage guidelines for suitable work requirements and changed the maximum amount of benefits payable on a business closing claim from 39 weeks to 26 weeks. For more information, visit this link.