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Iowa Workforce Development Organization Charts

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Appeals Division
Communications Division
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Labor Services Division
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Iowa Workforce Development

Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) commits its resources to Iowa’s prosperity by working to ensure the income security, productivity, safety, and health of all Iowans. The department strives to provide safe workplaces, provide a productive and economically secure workforce, provide all Iowans with access to workforce development services, and create a model workplace.

In coordination with the Division of Labor Services and the Division of Workers’ Compensation, the department is comprised of the following areas of services:

  • Administrative Services Division
  • Communications Division
  • Labor Market Information Division
  • Operations Division
  • Information Technology Division
  • Appeals Division

Director Beth Townsend has general supervision over the various areas within IWD. The director prepares, administers, and controls the budget of the department and its divisions along with Michael Mauro who is the Division of Labor Commissioner and Joseph Cortese who is the Division of Workers’ Compensation Commissioner.

Administrative Services Division

Paul Mikkelsen is the Chief Financial Officer.

The Administrative Services Division provides a variety of services to keep the agency operating smoothly and to assist employees working in the IWD administrative offices. The following is a short list of administrative support functions provided:

  • employee services
  • building management
  • office services
  • printing services
  • financial reporting
  • accounting

Communications Division

The Communications Director position is currently vacant.

The Communications division within IWD works to communicate all aspects of the agency to external and internal stakeholders quickly and effectively. It is the responsibility of the communications division to respond to all media inquiries in a timely and efficient manner.

Labor Market Information Division

Myron Linn, who is the Deputy Director, provides general oversight and direction to the Labor Market Information Division.

The Labor Market Information (LMI) Division collects, analyzes and prepares a wide array of labor market data including the unemployment rate, employment levels, industry and occupational statistics, wages, projections, trends and other workforce characteristics for the State of Iowa as a whole as well as for other defined geographic areas within the State. It is the mission of the Division to produce and deliver information in a reliable and timely manner in order to inform data-driven decisions for business, career, educational programming and economic development.

Operations Division

Courtney Maxwell Greene is the Operations Division Administrator.

The Operations Division provides a variety of services to businesses, workers, and the citizens of Iowa by collecting unemployment insurance taxes, maintaining the Iowa Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund, and making payments to eligible jobless workers.

The Operations Division is also responsible for the delivery of various state and federally funded employment and training services.

The regional one-stop centers and offices provide a variety of services to meet the workforce and workplace needs of job seekers, dislocated workers, unemployed persons, and Iowa businesses through partnerships of state and local service providers. They provide job counseling, job training, job placement, and assistance to special needs populations.

The division administers the Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act,  which  includes the following:

  • adult  training programs
  • youth training programs
  • dislocated workers programs
  • rapid response assistance
  • national emergency grants

The  division  also  administers  worker  profiling  and  reemployment  services including:

  • Alien Labor Certification program
  • trade adjustment assistance
  • food assistance employment and training
  • work opportunity tax credit
  • Wagner-Peyser job placement
  • help customers navigate job insurance benefits
  • help customers navigate the unemployment insurance
  • bonding
  • help customers navigate local veterans employment opportunities
  • the Disabled Veterans Opportunity Program
  • WorkKeys
  • migrant and seasonal farm workers
  • Navigators

Information Technology Division

Cathy Ross is the Information Technology Division Administrator.

The Information Technology Division within IWD helps develop, maintain, and manage all of the necessary  information technology services utilized by both IWD employees and customers using IWD’s variety of services.

Appeals Division

Emily Chafa is the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Bureau Manager.

IWD’s administrative law judges working within the Appeals Division, hear and decide administrative appeals regarding unemployment insurance benefits.

Division of Labor Services

Michael A. Mauro is the Labor Commissioner.

The office of the Labor Commissioner was created by the General Assembly in 1884.The Division of Labor administers a variety of services to employers, contractors, and other entities involved in creating and managing workplace safety. The Labor Commissioner also serves as the State Athletics Commissioner.

The following services are managed by the Division of Labor:

  • amusement parks and rides inspection
  • asbestos abatement licensing
  • boiler inspection
  • child labor
  • contractor registration
  • elevators and escalators
  • hazardous chemical required reporting
  • minimum wage and wage collection
  • Iowa occupational safety and health consultation and education
  • Iowa occupational safety and health enforcement
  • federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) recordkeeping

Division of Workers' Compensation

Joseph S. Cortese II is the Workers' Compensation Commissioner.

The Workers’ Compensation Law was enacted by the General Assembly in 1913. The law provides medical services and wage replacement benefits to workers who sustain injuries arising out of their employment. The Workers’ Compensation Law is administered by the Division of Workers’ Compensation Commissioner. Iowa was one of the first states to provide benefits for injuries, occupational diseases, and occupational hearing losses sustained by workers. Injuries resulting in death, permanent disability, or temporary disability must be reported to the commissioner. If a compensation agreement cannot be reached, the employee may request a hearing before a deputy commissioner that covers the judicial district where the injury occurred. Decisions are reviewed by the commissioner and may be appealed to the district court and Supreme Court.

Equal Employment Opportunity/ Affirmative Action Policy Statement

The Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Policy Statement is provided for review.