Laborshed Survey

Take the Laborshed Survey

We ask that a member of your household (over the age of 17) who has had the most recent birthday take the survey.

Click the blue button above which says "Take the Laborshed Survey" to go to the online survey.

All your answers will be kept private. No personal information will be tied to your responses. We will not ask your name, date of birth, or social security number. Results will be reported together with other participants’ answers.

This survey is part of a statewide study about work experience managed by Iowa Workforce Development in partnership with the Iowa Economic Development Authority .

Your answers will support economic development in Iowa and your local area. Your information is important no matter what your current employment status is; whether you are employed, not employed, or retired.

Questions asked in the survey focus upon work experience (whether you have it or not). Some of the topics include:

  • Current employment status
  • Current/past job title(s)
  • Likeliness to change or accept new employment
  • Current/past benefits and desired benefits
  • Current/past wages and desired wages
  • Education and/or training
  • Work commute
  • Job search

If you would like more information regarding the Laborshed Study program or to see results from previous studies please visit: or

If you have any questions about this survey feel free to contact us at