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Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) offers a variety of services to employers and businesses whether they are developing, expanding, or consolidating. Employer benefits include:

  • Recruitment
  • Tax credits
  • Training
  • Labor Market Information
  • Unemployment Insurance

IowaWORKS staff is available with tools and resources to facilitate Iowa employer needs.

Home Base Iowa

Of all the great reasons to hire veterans, this one might be the greatest: They bring a skill set developed under some of the most challenging conditions imaginable.

Veterans know how to get the job done right. Their leadership skills and strong work ethic are complemented by integrity and loyalty, so they make valuable, trustworthy additions to any team.

Home Base Iowa's website has all the necessary information to find talented work.

Notice of Separation or Refusal to Return to Work

To automatically report to IWD an employee separation or refusal to return to work, please provide the requested information on the Notice of Separation or Refusal To Return To Work Web Form.

Refusal to Accept Job Offer

This form is for Employers to report job applicants in Iowa who have refused legitimate job offers. The employer will be notified to provide details of the job offer if the applicant is currently receiving unemployment insurance. Employers should complete the following form when they suspect a candidate who has declined employment is receiving unemployment benefits: Job Offer Decline Form for Employers.

Skilled Iowa - Now IowaWorks

The IowaWORKS website works to increase skill levels of Iowa's workforce - which helps people find great jobs, companies find skilled workers, and our state's economy grow and prosper.

Unemployment Insurance Charge Explanation

Sometimes charges to an employer's unemployment insurance account need clarification - assistance is offered to employers with questions.

Protest an Employee's Claim for Benefits

Information is available on how to protest an employee's claim for benefits

I would like to Appeal a UI Decision

Learn more about the appeal process and the necessary steps to start an appeal.

Employer Handbook

For a complete guide on employer unemployment insurance, IWD provides an Employer Handbook for employers to review.

Required Posters

Posting requirements vary by statute, not all employers are covered by each of the Department’s statues and may not be required to post a specific notice. For example, some small businesses may not be covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act and would not be subject to the Act’s posting requirements.


Curious about starting or expanding a small business in Iowa? Find information and answers at IASourceLink.com. IASourceLink is a resource connecting Iowa small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to the financial and technical resources needed to grow and succeed. The program is provided through the Iowa Economic Development Authority in collaboration with the University of Northern Iowa’s Center for Business Growth and Innovation.

Foreign Labor Certification

The Immigration and Nationality Act requires employers first receive a labor certification from the U.S. Department of Labor before hiring a foreign worker. The Secretary of Labor must make two findings as part of the certification:

  1. At the time the application was submitted, sufficient qualified U.S. workers cannot be found in the area of intended employment who are available, willing and able to fill the position offered to the foreign worker.
  2. The employment of foreign workers will not adversely affect the wages and working conditions of similarly employed U.S. workers.

For complete information about the Foreign Labor Certification program, please visit the following site, U.S. DOL Office of Foreign Labor Certification.

Iowa Workforce Development’s role is to handle job orders through our IowaWORKS Centers and to complete housing inspections for H-2A placements.

Should you have any general questions, please contact:

Foreign Labor Certification Program Coordinator
Workforce Services Division
1000 E Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50319
Email: foreignlaborcert@iwd.iowa.gov