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Agenda 12-10-14 Meeting Agenda 12-10-14 Meeting.pdf
Conditional Certifications Conditional Certifications.pdf
Conditional Certifications Conditional Certifications.pdf
Conflict of Interest Conflict of Interest.pdf
ECI Local Chairs and Coordinators ECI Local Coordinators and Chairs_151113.pdf
Employers' Council of Iowa Brochure ECIbrochure.pdf
Federal Bond Program Federal Bonding Program.pdf
Federal Bond Program Brochure FederalBondingProgramFlyer_2014.pdf
Generic Employment Application genericapp.pdf
Glossary of Veteran Services Terms Glossary of Veteran Services Terms.pdf
Integrated Workforce Plan for Iowa IntegratedWorkforcePlan forIowa.pdf
Iowa NEG Monitoring Guide iowanegmonitoringguide.pdf
Iowa NEG Monitoring Guide NonIdentified Employer IowaNEGMonitoringGuideNonIdentified Company.pdf
Iowa Registered Apprenticeship Brochure apprenticeshipbrochure.pdf
Key WIOA Planning Timeline Unpacking WIOA Part 1- Timeline.pdf
Meeting Agenda 2015.12.10 Agenda 12-10-14 Meeting.pdf
Proposed Negotiation Rates for PY14_Common Measures Performance 20140625180154681.pdf
Questions Submitted During the December Meeting Questions submitted during the discussion at the Dec.pdf
Questions Submitted during the Discussion at the December meeting Questions submitted during the discussion at the Dec.pdf
Registered Apprenticeship Sponsor List_20170201 Registered Apprenticeship Sponsor List 20170201.xls
Resource Guide for Job Seekers 70-1004 Job Seeker Resource Guide 70-1004.pdf
State Comparison StateComparison.pdf
State ECI Board Draft Meeting Agenda_March 2015 150304_State ECI_Tentative Agenda.pdf
State ECI Board Meeting Minutes_March 2015 030415 State ECI Minutes.pdf