Reemployment Services (RESEA)

During the first five weeks of an unemployment insurance claim accounts are reviewed to determine if the individual should participate in RESEA. During the review process, a handful of items are taken into consideration such as; previous occupation, previous industry, education background, duration of employment, wages, etc. If upon completion of the review process an individual is selected, participation in RESEA is required to remain eligible to receive UI benefits.

Based on the results of the review, selected participants will receive a letter outlining which program they have been selected to participate in. The letter will also include what office to report to and what documents need to be brought. Possible programs include:

  • Reemployment Orientation Workshop
  • Reemployment Eligibility Assessment
  • Emergency Unemployment Compensation Audit
  • National Career Readiness Certificate Testing

These programs are designed to provide individuals with customized reemployment services that may include the following:

  • Development of an employment plan including, guidance for completing online applications, resume and cover letter writing assistance and interview preparation
  • Help developing effective networking
  • Skills assessments
  • Review Labor Market Information to identify employment needs in the community and career possibilities
  • Referrals to additional training and educational programs

IWD believes (and studies have found) individuals receiving reemployment services return to work earlier than people who do not receive services. Contact your local IowaWORKS Center for additional information.